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Bishop Lavis High School
Petimus Meliora

A pillar of education nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s vibrant township community. At our school, we are dedicated to providing quality education and fostering a nurturing environment for our learners. 

Join us in our mission to transform lives through education.
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and the impactful work we do at Bishop Lavis High School.

Some of our activities:

Chess Team

“Bishop Lavis High School chess team: Checkmating challenges, igniting minds, excelling together.”

Junior Councillor

“Young voices shaping change: Cape Town City Junior Council leads purposefully.”

Social Responsible

“Nurturing community through impactful initiatives, fostering positive change and unity.”


“Passion, teamwork, triumph: Our rugby team embodies dedication and sportsmanship.”


“Precision, agility, victory: Our netball team exemplifies skill and camaraderie.”

Cross Country

“Endurance, determination, triumph: Our cross country team conquers challenges with spirit.”

Here are some basic statistics that highlight the essence of Bishop Lavis High School

  • Community: Situated in a vibrant township, serving a diverse and resilient community.

  • Educational Approach: Committed to a holistic and learner-centered education.

  • Learners: Enthusiastic learners from various backgrounds, demonstrating potential and determination.

  • Challenges: Navigating the educational landscape in a resource-limited environment.

  • Achievements: Celebrating academic accomplishments, extracurricular successes, and character development.

  • Innovation: Incorporating innovative teaching methods to empower learners.

  • Commitment: Fostering a safe and nurturing environment that promotes learning and personal growth.
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Latest News

Stay informed about the latest happenings and updates from Bishop Lavis High School. Our news section is your go-to source for staying connected with the exciting developments within our school community. From academic achievements and extracurricular activities to community events and initiatives, we’re dedicated to keeping you in the loop.

Discover the stories of our learners’ accomplishments, as they excel in various fields, showcasing their talents and hard work. Explore the innovative teaching methods and projects our dedicated educators have been implementing to provide the best possible learning experiences.


Going the extra mile...

Each month, we proudly highlight and celebrate the outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond to contribute to our school community.

Warren Willems Physics | Maths | Grade Head
With a strong passion for education and a deep commitment to learner success, Mr Willems brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our school community. As a dedicated educator, he will not only be overseeing the academic progress of his students but also fostering an environment of growth and excellence.
Letisha Moffat Geography | Tourism | GH
Is a dynamic member of our educational team at. With a passion for geography and tourism, she brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her role as a dedicated educator. She serves as the Assistant Grade Head for Grade 12 learners. This pivotal role showcases her commitment to guiding learners through their final year, offering academic support and mentorship.
Ashley Solomons English HL | Printing Department
Mr Ashley Solomons plays a pivotal role as an English HL teacher for senior classes. His dedication to nurturing learners' language skills is evident in his approach to teaching. His exceptional management of the printing department has been nothing short of remarkable, contributing to the smooth functioning of our school's operations.

Testimonials from past learners