A video of a Bishop Lavis High School teacher and his class dancing up a storm in class has gone viral.

Teacher Florance Vermeulen, 28, says he had no idea people would love the video so much when he posted it on Facebook last week. He is the Grade 8 and 9 Creative Arts Teacher at Bishop Lavis High and although he only started teaching in July, the kids have already crowned him their “favourite teacher”.

Florance says he believes music and dance is therapeutic to children and relaxes and excites them just enough for them to focus and have fun in class. The teacher, who lives in Kylemore, made the video of his Grade 9 Creative Arts class dancing during a lesson about “rising above your circumstances”.

“I started at this school in July and many have asked me why I opt to teach in this area, but I believe there is a purpose for me being here,” he says. “The video was made and posted to aspire to inspire others, as social media is a big influence in spreading a message.“I use art to show discipline and also tell the learners that I too can be playful while teaching, and that learning can be fun.”

Florance has been teaching for just over a year – he has a degree in drama and finished his B.Com degree in Management Marketing earlier this year. He previously taught at De Waveren Primary in Ruyterwacht. In the video, the kids are dancing to the song Azonto by Ghanaian singer Fuse ODG.

Florance says he chose the song to introduce his lesson.

The lyrics goes: “Nobody wanna see you rising, And when they do it they don’t like it, they just wanna see you deep in crisis, drive yourself you don’t need a licence.” The onnie says: “I didn’t know the video would go viral, it was just made to encourage others and showcase the talent of these learners.”

The video was posted last Wednesday and by Tuesday had over 33 000 views, 1000 shares, and 500 reactions.

Pupil Ferenique Filander, 14, says she loves her new teacher as he has made going to school fun again.

“Mr Vermeulen has only been here since July but he is already everyone’s favourite, his classes are inspiring and he allows us to express ourselves,” the teen says.

Sources: IOL | Daily Voice