The Mass participation; Opportunity and access; Development and growth (MOD) Programme is an after-school, mass participation programme that provides school-going youth with access to various fun-filled, play-based and modified activities in recreation and sport, as well as in arts and culture, on a daily basis.

This programme is hosted across the Province, at MOD Centres that are based at either a Primary School or a High School. Generally, Primary School-based MOD Centres act as the feeder to their neighbouring High School-based MOD Centres. In this way, the learner is presented with the opportunity to have continuous access and exposure to opportunities offered by the MOD Programme, for a period of at least 12 years.

Through various talent identification and talent development processes, the participants that display the potential for further development have the opportunity to advance their skills and talents to another level. It can be said that participation in the MOD Programme presents school-going youth with the opportunity to be part of a talent pool, especially with regard to the arts and sport, as it creates a springboard for the youth to access next-level participation and opportunities, with these types of opportunities being offered via School Sport, through its various initiatives, projects and programmes.

The programme is central to the vision of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, namely, to create a socially inclusive, creative and active Western Cape. There are currently 181 MOD Centres across the province that provide sport and recreational activities to over 40 000 registered participants from disadvantaged communities and underserved schools. MOD has expanded significantly since its introduction in 2010 and now provides employment and skills development to almost 700 community workers across the province.

DCAS offers various activities to youth through its After School Programme. We encourage learners, parents and other significant role players to invest in this holistic environment to create better opportunities for communities. Read more about the Neighbourhood Schools, After School Game Changer and Year Beyond.