I entered two teams for the quiz this year. Team A consisted of Angela Jacobs, Kaylin Petersen, Samantha Sacks, Ronaldo Roman and Diago Jackson as the reserve. Angela was the captain and focused on studying international news. Kaylin focused on local news and politics. Samantha focused on entertainment news and Ronaldo had to focus on sports.

Team B consisted of Nashiefa Langenhoven, Codi Coenraad, Cleo Moses, Moegamat Boltman and Porshe Jacobs as the reserve. Nashiefa was the captain and focused on local news and politics. Codi focused on international news. Cleo focused on sports and Moegamat focused on entertainment.

During term two the round robin stage started and happened over two weeks. The teams had to study the newspapers of 8.04.19 till 18.04, excluding weekends and holidays. The first round robin was Tuesday, 23.04.19. The second round robin’s newspaper study material was from 23.04.19 till 03.05.19, excluding the holiday, 01.05.19. The second round robin took place on Monday, 06.05.19.

The team members not only studied as individuals, they also sacrificed their weekends to study and prepare together. More than 100 teams registered, but only 79 competed. Only the top 64 teams could progress to the knockouts. Both our teams made it into the top 64, but Team B was knocked out on the 22.07.19, while Team A progressed to top 32. Then they were knocked out on the 29.07.19.

However, they did the school proud with their tenacity and willingness to sacrifice their time after school and especially weekends. They walked away with a better knowledge and understanding of how the competition works. They have also been enriched with general knowledge. We are so proud of them for taking on English Home Language learners and not backing down.

I wish to thank Mr De Lange who contributed some questions the first week of the competition, Ms Skippers and Mrs Vercuil for availing themselves to drive a team to a venue. Also Stanley Stuurman for assisting me with the preparations of the teams and Mr Rajab for driving the teams to a venue and dropping them at home afterwards. A huge thank you goes to Mr Sonn and the staff for their support of the teams during the competition period.

Finally, Deo Gloria- To God be the glory.

F. Benjamin- Argus quiz coordinator at