Representative Council Of Learners

Representative Council of Learners

In South Africa, childrens' right to participate in decisions affecting their lives is highlighted in the Children's Act (2010) and the South African Schools Act (SASA), (1996). The benefits of listening to and involving young people in decision-making are far reaching, providing insights into their perceptions of their own lives and experiences, their needs, and problems affecting them.

The RCL is an important structure for building the capacity of learners and developing youth leadership skills at schools. The RCL is the only recognised and legitimate representative learner body at public schools, and has demanding responsibilities and duties. The elected learners have full voting rights on the SGB.

Message from RCL Chairperson

Moegamat Shakeel Boltman

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Teacher in Charge of RCL

Mr Walter Ephraim


  • The RCL will uphold the principles of democratic governance.
  • Every learner shall be represented by the RCL.
  • No learner shall be unfairly discriminated against.
  • The RCL shall at all times conduct itself in a responsible and accountable way.
  • The RCL shall at all times uphold the School’s Code of Conduct.


  • The RCL will be composed of all the learners who are democratically elected from each class in the school.
  • Each class shall be represented by two [2] learners – one male female and one female learner democratically elected by their peers in that class.
  • The Chairpersons and Secretaries of all approved Clubs and Societies shall also sit on the RCL as observers [Only speaking rights & no voting rights]


  • Build unity among learners in the school.
  • Create a sense of co responsibility in learners.
  • Create the opportunity to identify and train future leaders.
  • Promote sport and cultural activities with the school community.
  • Address the needs of all learners in the school and provide a voice for learners expression.
  • Keep learners informed about events in the school and in the school community.
  • Encourage good relationships within the school between learners and educators, and between learners and non-teaching staff.
  • Encourage good relationships within the school between teachers and parents of learners.
  • Provide learners with an opportunity to participate in decision-making regarding the school.

RCL Executive 2022

Shakeel Boltman
    Farenique Philander
    Deputy President